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Your life is not an accident.  You came here with a plan.  You were born with a divine mission… a sacred purpose.  And, you know it!

Are you ready to earth that vision and make it a reality?


So what is stopping you?  Many service-based professionals settle for lack-luster results in their life and business even though they know deep within the core of their being that they are doing what they came here to do. Being successful in your divine right business is your sacred birthright.


The solution is as close as your breath…


Embedded in your body is all the information you need to solve any perceived problem and create the life and career success you have always dreamed of.  Let me show you how to reconnect to the source of your passion and together, let’s create the world we envision. Contact me for a discovery session at 785-633-2424 or email me at


From a Rumble to a Roar!

The REVOLUTION has begun! Women everywhere are waking up!  Speaking the unspeakable…Moving the unmovable…Thinking the unthinkable and doing the undoable! And at the root of this unfathomable uprising is none other than the feminine body! 

Since the first summit of this kind back in 2020 at the very beginning of the pandemic, UNDENIABLE CHANGE HAS BEEN AFOOT!  Women are finally waking up to the unspoken truth: 


The most powerful shamanic tool on the planet is the female body! 


This is the one tool that can be harnessed to do the things we need to do right now, to make the changes that need to be made to save our world from massive destruction.  

“The information—the tools necessary to make the radical shift needed on this planet in a very short period of time, are housed within the wombs of women of this age.   You have the ability to heal your planet and save your world.  It’s up to you.”            ~Mary Magdalene

This is a small portion of a download I received from Mary Magdalene back in 2005!  At that time we had no idea how to access that information!  We had just begun to dip our toes into what we thought were “the feminine mysteries” but we really had no clue!  But we kept listening!  We kept gathering together.  We kept meeting in circles.


And the information and guidance began to grow.  The circles began to grow...and with them our courage...and our wisdom.  The information began to trickle in from all over the globe!   And soon a massive wave of Feminine Power began to pour onto this planet like we have not experienced in this lifetime! AND IT JUST KEEPS COMING!!!!

We are living in a time of prophecy!

This awakening has been predicted in just about every spiritual tradition for centuries.  Some have called it "The New Dawn," "The Great Golden Age," "The Great Shift," and many more.  It is not important what we call it, but what we do about it.  You see, this great shift is not going to happen on its own.  We are not going to just wake up one day and find ourselves living in a utopia.  Especially when while so many of us have been asleep, the planet has gone to hell in a handbasket!  As part of this great awakening it is our duty to ultimately restore her to her once pristine state, or at the very least, give her a fighting chance to survive.

In these devastating times, this prospect can seem overwhelming!  But I am here to tell you that the solutions are as close as your breath.  AND THEY ARE HAPPENING!  Since we began this work in 2020, the massive amount of new ideas, technologies, health breakthroughs and growth of the female voice has been astounding!  So much so, that we see it necessary to bring you the NEXT WAVE OF CUTTING-EDGE INFORMATION THAT IS RIGHT AT THE FOREFRONT OF THIS NEW EARTH AWAKENING! A With The Great Womb Awakening 3, many of us that have been doing this work are here to teach you MORE about how you can find your sacred fire and ignite your own feminine power.   As we all begin to unleash this power, we ARE becoming an unstoppable force that is shifting the tide of devastation and beginning a restoration that will continue for the next seven generations and beyond. Women are harnessing this unprecedented power that lies within their female bodies and unleashing that power to create global change at a level never before seen on this planet.  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE WE WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU!

I have gathered a panel of 23 experts in the field of Womb Health and the Feminine Mysteries.  We are here to show you how you can begin to gain access to this unstoppable power and utilize it to create massive change both for yourself, personally and more importantly, on a global level.  Here are just a few of the topics we will cover...

Jewels Wingfield

The Deep Feminine Current

Marguerite Rigoglioso

Merging Our Bodies with Sacred Plant Medicine:

Reclaiming Our Oracle Womb Wisdom with the Help of the Devic Realm

Dr. Rima Bonario

Your future is R.A.W. - Radically Alive Women are creating the New Earth!

Sara Estelle Turner

Flower Healing and the Cultivation of Wild Grace

Cayelin Castell

The Great Womb Awakening 2023:  Here's What's Coming!


Elizabeth Wood

The Grand Recalibration of the Divine Feminine


The Body as Your Divine Scribe: How to access the power of your authentic message and make the impact you desire!

Aletheia Sophia

Sacred Womb Awakening

Catalina Rivera Dois

Blood Mysteries for Modern Day Women and the New Earth



Here are all of our amazing speakers!

Yeshe 2.jpg
Marguerite Rigogloso 2.jpg

                                 Astara                                                            Yeshe Chodron                                              Althea Gray                                       Marguerite Rigoglioso

Judy Keating.jpeg
Aletheia sophia.jpeg

                  Catalina Rivera Dois                                            Judy Keating                                               Aletheia Sophia                                        Cayelin Castell                       

Star Thomas Wise.jpg
Janna Fackrell.jpg

                                 Star Thomas-Wyse                                         Janna Fackrell                                            Bonnie Salamon                            Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, PhD              

Laura Wolf .jpg

                           Dr. Rima Bonario                                                  Laura Wolf                                                     Linda  Starwolf                                              Phoenix Popiolek                                                                 

Casey Lee.jpeg

                                   Casey Lee                                         Jamelle Zablow-Moloney                                         Jewels Wingfield                                             Sara Estelle Turner                               

Elizabeth Wood.png
Jennifer Kay.jpg

                                                                   Michelle Orwick                                                 Elizabeth Wood                                             Tayria Ward                                                       Jennifer Kay


This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees.

★ Simply click the button below to register today for The Great Womb Awakening - 3

                                 Your host, Kathy Forest

We have all heard many powerful teachers say that "women will be the ones who save the planet."  Yet with all we already have on our plate, that may seem like a daunting task.  We all know we want a safe and abundant place for our children to grow up.  We want them to be able to have the experiences in nature that we have had.  We want them to live in an environment that supports them.  But when we see at the devastation all around us, we feel frozen, unsure of how to move forward.  

Many of us have been doing this work for years.  We have honed our skills and found simple, easy to use, time-saving tools that can support you on your feminine journey and help you open to your own SUPER-POWERS lying dormant within you!

By tapping into the GREAT SOURCE, you too can empower yourself and your sisters to move forward and create the changes so desperately needed on this planet right now!

Are you in?

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees.

★ Simply click the button below to register today for The Great Womb Awakening - 3

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